Our Mission

Determined to build robustly-coded, low maintenance and easily scalable software solutions that help achieve maximum return on investment and operational efficiency for businesses and organisations


Leadows Technologies was established in 2005 in Bangalore to enhance the productivity of businesses, enterprises and organizations through technology.


We started out with hands-on training in programming languages for corporates and realized that there was a need to reinforce healthy coding techniques and good quality software to avoid hefty maintenance costs and make sure that the software is scalable. Therefore, we ventured into Software Solutions and Software Consultancy Services, driven by our focus on maximizing the return on investment and operational efficiency of our clients.

We have nurtured a highly skilled team of software developers and designers who share the same passion for technology. Staying true to the primary objective, we built an in-house training facility to equip the team with expertise in the latest technology and best coding techniques.

In the past 10 years, we have developed solutions across multiple industries, including Enterprise Applications like

  • Aircraft Simulation Controller

  • Ship Combat Simulation Controller

  • Online Learning Portal

  • Remote Application Manager

  • Satellite Arc Finder, Computer-Aided Designer

  • OPD for Nephrologist

  • Appointments Manager